Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Brunch at the Fairmont

The boyfriend got a new job so we decided to get a bit of winter sun before he started. We packed our bags, booked our flights (in that order) and headed to Abu Dhabi where his parents live. We are so lucky to have my parents in Finland and his in Abu Dhabi for snow or sun while getting to spend time with our families!

In the UAE Friday is like our Saturday and brunches are huge in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. They are held at hotels normally and often restaurants join up to put together a huge feast. You can choose a non alcoholic package, a wine and cocktails or a champagne package and your drinks are unlimited and constantly topped up.

We headed to the Fairmont for the Brunch hoping that we could sit outside by the pool. Unfortunately there was a slight sandstorm so for health and safety reasons the outdoor seating area was closed and we sat inside but got a lovely table by the window. Brunch is a seriously fancy affair and I felt slightly underdressed in my maxi and flat shoes. Girls wear sky high heels and glamorous mini dresses and men are all very smartly dressed.

We ordered cocktails and headed to get some food. There is so much to choose from its a good thing you have 4 hours to eat!

I am a huge lover of sushi and could live on it. The sushi was absolutely delicious and I went up several times for it!

The set up is buffet style but you also have a selection of beautifully presented individual dishes such as this foie gras.

Before dessert we had to go for a bit of a walk to make some space. The hotel grounds were lovely and you get amazing views of the Grand Mosque on the other side of the creek. It was a very hot day but you can see the fog like sand in the air.

 Then for dessert, a huge selection of goodies that I only attempted to finish as well as some gorgeous cheeses.

Sunglasses: Chanel

Dress: Asos

Sandals: Charles and Keith

Super full, we did some more walking and popped into some shops in the Souk before going home for a well earned nap before heading into the night again. Safe to say we skipped dinner!


  1. Yes was a brilliant brunch but such a shame about the sand storm!!!

  2. I love brunch, everything looks so delicious on your plates. I could live off sushi too!


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