Monday, 26 January 2015

Seaside in Pennard

We have a lovely little weekend get away in Wales. My boyfriend's parents have a beautiful home just outside of Swansea in the Gower peninsula and as they don't live there we love getting away from London for a bit of fresh air, sea side walks and surfing in the summer. We checked the weather last week and it looked like it was going to be a sunny weekend so we packed the car Friday afternoon and headed West.

As the weatherman had promised, Saturday morning was beautiful, crisp and fresh with plenty of sunshine. We decided to head to Pennard for a walk on the cliffs to enjoy the stunning views over the Three Cliffs Bay, I might have also had an ulterior motive of a post walk bacon sandwich (I will tell you about this later!). Dressed up warm in my new snuggly scarf and wellies, we drove down the picturesque country lanes. I really love going to Wales, London can be quite a hectic place and it's so lovely to get a little bit of peace and quiet.

Scarf: Accessorize
Jumper: Supertrash
Jeans: Zara
Sunglasses: Prada
Wellies: Guess 
Hand Bag: Michael Kors

It was even more beautiful than I remembered. We came here once last summer but it was quite a chilly, cloudy day so it looked completely different with the glorious sunshine, glistening sea and crashing waves. The sun was warm and I couldn't have felt further away from London. Exactly what we wanted.

Coat: Kjus

Nano loved his run around off the lead, something he doesn't get to do as often in London. Sun in his eyes and wind in his hair I think he was happiest and cutest dog in the Peninsula that day.

After our walk we headed to Maddock's Tea Room for some brunch and that bacon sandwich I mentioned. It's so good I think it deserves it's own post, I promise I will tell you about it tomorrow.


  1. A lovely weekend it seems!! Yes Pennard is beautiful and Maddocks ..... Well will wait for the verdict!! Hope you got back refreshed after a lovely meal at Bay House!! Xxx

  2. Was such a lovely weekend! Felt so relaxed and refreshed coming back :) xx

  3. So nice to see someone with the same spelling of my name, haha !! And love that Michael kors bag, I have the same one in tan.

    Maija Lily X x

    1. I love the bag too, it fits so much stuff :)

      Have you got any Finnish heritage? I've only ever come across Finnish Maija's!!


    2. No I actually havnt, my mum and dad just liked the unique spelling, haha !!