Friday, 9 January 2015

Zanzibar: Mnemba Island

This little day trip deserved its own post, mainly because of the number of photos I took. We wanted to do a bit of snorkelling, have a day out on the boat and possibly even see some dolphins. Mnemba island snorkelling tour seemed the best match and the boat picked you up from right in front of your hotel which was very convenient. The plan was to take a traditional dhow up to the reefs around Mnemba, then have lunch and a chill on on a beach on mainland and then maybe our way back for sunset.

Mnemba is a private island so you cant actually set foot on it unless you are staying in the very exclusive resort (think Bill Gates and Beyonce..), however the protected reef Mnemba Atoll around it is a divers favorite and thats where we were headed for a spot of snorkelling.

We headed off around 8am with 10 other people and it wasn't long until we bumped into some dolphins, my boyfriend is a huge fan and we were both quite excited about seeing this many! An incredible start to the day.

The water was just an unbelievable shade of blue, or more like a whole range of shades! I love the little fishing boats that are everywhere, the make the scenery even more beautiful and are of course responsible for all the lovely sea food I stuffed myself with.

I was a little bit disappointed by the snorkelling itself. There were lots of fish around but the reef wasn't very colourful. Maybe it's better for diving but both of agreed that we had seen better.

We got back on the boat and headed for lunch back to a stunning beach on the mainland. Lunch was a simple affair of tuna, rice and a cold beer.

We enjoyed a swim and taking some pictures, the water was very warm and the scenery breath taking.

Bikini Top: Calzedonia
Bikini Bottoms: New Look
Sunglasses: Rayban

We headed back happy and slightly sun burned napping on the dhow. We arrived just on time for sundown and sipped on frozen cocktails (me) and ice cold beers (him). What a perfect day! 


  1. Vitsi mitä kuvia!! Meri on kyllä aina yhtä upea, missä päin maailmaa tahansa. :)

    1. Joo on kyllä, mutta toi Zanzibarin turkoosi on jotain ihan uskomatonta :)